about me

Born with Turkish roots in Germany, Aliye is an internationally-oriented stylist with extensive experiences abroad and intercultural competences.

Aliye holds a bachelor’s degree in Anglophone/American Studies and Romance Studies (Spanish) and speaks four languages fluently, which are German (native), Turkish (native), English and Spanish. During her semester abroad 2010, which she spent in California, her passion for fashion aroused. In the following two years she had the chance to pursue her great interest in design while studying in Barcelona. She visited local markets and built a wide network to improve her knowledge about the vintage branch of industry. At the same time Aliye travelled on a regular basis to Istanbul and got inspired by the Turkish capital of art, culture, media and trade. She stayed open for all kind of influences and found in Istanbul the perfect place for creative researches, fabrics and stores that form the basis for her styling consultation and designing dresses services.

Aliye is a resilient and customer-focused university graduate with the ability to manage complex business relationships. In possession of highly developed analytical skills, she has a talent for discovering the latest trends. As a personal shopper, she has a proven track record in managing budgets and puts exceptional numerical skills to good use on a daily basis.

Aliye is an independent mind with a dedicate sense for unique style – an exciting mixture of different cultures, philosophies of life and aesthetics – trying to make the world an even more beautiful place by her sense of fashion.